Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri | Film Review

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Hey Guys x

This is the first film I'm reviewing that's an Oscar contender (aside from Get Out back in April), which means that Awards Season is truly upon us!

Anyway, I'm gonna get on with the film review because I have a lot to say!

This film is about a woman called Mildred Hayes. At the start of the film, her daughter had been murdered 7 months previous. Disillusioned with the fact that the police department haven't managed to find her killer, she decides to move them along. To do this, she puts up three billboards with messages inspired to make the police stick to their current task - finding her daughter's killer. However, with one of the messages targeting the highly revered chief of police, her billboards become a very significant problem for everyone in town. But who's to blame? The chief, his immature, racist second-in-command, or the woman that made everything worse by trying to make it better?


Loads of people have been saying good things about it, and those good things are a hundred percent true. This film packs a punch that you still feel in your gut after you leave the cinema.

The performances were amazing, every single actor and actress was great in their designated role and they really made the film as impactful as it was. Obviously the biggest shoutouts go to the three leads, Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell, but each supporting character was also amazing which is a testament to both the casting people and the director.

This film is described as a 'black comedy' and to be completely honest, this is what it is. Because as harrowing and disturbing as the subject matter for this film is, I can't even count the number of times that the whole cinema just started laughing, because it's generally so funny! There were so many things about it that made it this way, but I think the main reason for this is because it was so real. Real-life moments mixed in with the tragic absurdity of the story made is hilarious at times.

But then there were also sad moments. I don't usually cry when I see films in the cinema the first time I see them, but this for sure made me cry more than once. It was just... a lot. And I loved literally every moment of it.

I won't be surprised if this wins best picture because I think that it truly does deserve it. So if you're looking for something to go and see in the cinema, make sure it's this! Then come back and thank me because you won't be disappointed!

Lou xx

Monday, 15 January 2018

Filth | Film Review

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Hey Guys x

I watch a lot of films, most of them I don't review either because they're old, or I didn't feel a particular way about them. I honestly thought that this film would go into the 'there's no point reviewing it' category - boy was I wrong!

On the surface, this film is about a detective sergeant in Scotland who is trying to solve a murder case. But Bruce Robertson is as dirty a cop as they come, he's manipulative, homophobic, sexist, racist, abusive, just an overall arsehole. However, as we delve deeper into the character, and notice that he begins to have what can only be assumed as a mental health breakdown, we start to understand what makes this man what he is. And the more we watch him, the harder it is to look away from this downward spiral.

That's the best way I could describe it, because let's be honest, this film is the best form of crazy.

The character of Bruce Robertson isn't someone that you're supposed to like. He's an awful human being, which makes him an even worse sergeant. Which is why I was so surprised when I found myself feeling sorry for him, and almost starting to like him, especially by the end of the film.
Layered characters make films worth watching, and he is honestly as layered as they come. There is so much going on with his character, that spills into the lives of the characters around him, that makes the film such a compelling watch.

I tweeted when I watched it that it was 'dark and mesmerising in equal measure', which is a statement that I fully stand by. This is a dark film, as many films that display the downfalls of mental health are. Now don't get me wrong, the film is also funny, at times laugh out loud funny. But the humour didn't take away from the realities of Robertson's condition, which I loved. Even if you've never had mental health problems to that extent (as I haven't), you are still able to really relate to this guy, and to feel for him.
But then, it was also mesmerising. For the last half hour or so, I literally couldn't look away. I couldn't think about anything but what was happening on the screen, and I just wanted to know how it was going to end. And when the ending came close and I realised what was happening, I was honestly close to tears. Because that's what the film does to you, it can take you from 0-100 in 90 minutes, giving you every emotion possible as you watch.

James McAvoy was amazing in the lead role. I've been watching a lot of his stuff lately, and when you watch interviews with him about this film, you can see how much he loved playing the character and, to this day, that this was one of his favourite scripts/roles. I can't imagine how it must have felt to receive such a complicated, layered script, but if the finished product is anything to go by, it certainly is an amazing piece of work.

This is a film that everyone should watch once. I'm sure it'll divide opinions, because it really is that crazy. But give it a shot, and hopefully you'll end up loving it as much as I do!

Lou xx

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Ingrid Goes West | Film Review

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Hey Guys x

This is my first post of the new year, so happy new year everyone!

I'm starting with a film review, because why not?

I had been wanting to watch this film for so long, because I'm a fan of both Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen, so I thought that seeing them in a movie together would be amazing.

The film is about a girl called Ingrid (Plaza) whose life seems to be pretty directionless. She's just lost her mother and inherited a lot of cash, but she has nothing to do with it. However, through the eyes of Instagram, she becomes obsessed with a girl called Taylor (Olsen). So obsessed that she decides to use the money to move to LA to meet Taylor in person. When the girls eventually meet, they become friends. But there are cracks in their lives that the other never expected. And what started as a social-media based friendship, becomes an IRL nightmare.

I loved this film a lot. As someone who, like most people my age, uses social media quite a lot, it's impossible not to think about your own profiles when you're watching a film like this.

For me, films like this tend to be scarier than horror films because they're so real. The character of Ingrid in particular felt really real to me. It doesn't seem unrealistic for someone to idolise someone else via their Instagram and decide that they want to be a part of that person's life.
And I'm not saying that Ingrid isn't unstable, because she completely is. She's a girl that had a lot of internal problems before even entering the world of social media. But it is interesting to see the way that Instagram completely took a hold of her life and made her become someone that even she didn't recognise.

And then there's the character of Taylor, one who I didn't warm to as much as I did Ingrid, and I think that this made the film even better. From the point of view of the film, and of Ingrid, Taylor is literally just a girl with an Instagram account that a lot of people happen to follow. I don't feel like I know her that well because I'm not supposed to.

In fact, one of the things that leads to trouble in their friendship is the fact that Ingrid finds out that Taylor isn't perfect, and she's not this person that is portrayed through perfect pictures on her Insta. And I think that's so important for a story like this, it has to be acknowledged that Instagram and its counterparts aren't real life - they're fake and manipulated and... weird.

But overall, this film was a great depiction of some serious issues, and I really think that it should be marketed as a bit of a psychological thriller as well as a comedy-drama, because it deserves to be taken more seriously than that.

Have you seen this film? What do you think?

Lou xx

Sunday, 31 December 2017

My 2017 Statistics

Hey Guys x

I did this last year and it was really interesting to look at, so I wanted to try it again this year.

Each year I keep track of a few things in my life in a diary, and then at the end of the year I count up the different things and write a post about it.

This is gonna be extremely short, but who wants to read a long post on New Years Eve anyway?!

Movies Watched: 211

TV Shows Started: 49

Cinema Trips: 16

Books Read: 22

Fanfic Chapters Uploaded: 118

Fanfic Chapters Written: 289

Celebrity Crushes: 13

Tattoos Gotten: 1

Blog Posts Written: 110

Overall as you can see, quite a lot has happened this year.

I don't know if the year has been good or bad for me, it's kind of been a bit average.

So, here's hoping 2018 is the best year yet, for myself, and for all of you!


Thursday, 28 December 2017

December and 2017 Favourites!

Hey Guys x

It's my last 'Favourites' post of the year and I am so excited to tell you what I've been loving! Like last year at this time, I'm gonna tell you my December faves as well as what I've been loving for the entire year!
Be prepared, because this is a long one! Let's get going!

Favourite Movie: Baby Driver
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I saw this very recently (I'm late, I know!) and I really really enjoyed it! Ansel Elgort is amazing in the role of Baby and all of the other supporting actors and actresses were also amazing. I'll probably review it properly in the New Year but for now, it's my favourite film of the month!

Movie Of The Year (1): Superhero Movies

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Image result for spider man homecoming poster

Image result for thor ragnarok poster

I couldn't choose between them, so I put them all in. These are my favourite superhero movies of the year (I haven't seen many others, including Justice League, which is why it isn't here). I don't know what it is, but 'superhero' is quickly becoming my favourite movie genre. All of the three films above were so good for a variety of different reasons and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings to the superhero world!

(2): Rough Night

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I reviewed this here, so I won't spend too long on it now. But this film definitely snuck up on me! I didn't expect to like it and ended up loving it. I watched it again last week and it was honestly better the second time around. Watch it!

(3): The Big Sick
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This is definitely in my list. I've gotten obsessed with Kumail Nanjiani lately, and I am so interested in the story behind this film, about how Kumail and his real-life wife Emily met and fell in love... after she ended up in a coma and he bonded with her parents. I reviewed it here, but this is a film that you don't want to miss!

(4) IT
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This is my last favourite film of the year, and there was no way that I couldn't include it! IT has kind of taken over my life this year. I watch the film as often as I can, I'm reading the book and I also watch the original version, as well as watching interviews with the cast. I just love everything about it. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?

TV Show Of The Year (1): Parks and Rec
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I have a LOT of TV shows so I'm not spending too much time on any, but I finished this for good this week and I already miss it so much!

(2): Gossip Girl
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I watch the last episode of this tonight and, as excited as I am to see how it ends, I really really don't want it to end!

(3) The Originals
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This is the only show that I spent a whole day completely bingewatching. I watched the last 6 or so episodes of season 3 in a day because something happened that I really wanted to see. I haven't finished season 4 yet, but I already know that it'll be amazing!

(4) Younger
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There are no words to explain how much I love this show! I've finished all the seasons and am anxiously awaiting season 5 to see what happens next to these characters that I've completely fallen in love with!

(5) The Office
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Words cannot express how much I miss this show. I miss these characters, and I really need to binge the show all over again because it was amazing!

(6) 8 Simple Rules
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This is a show that I started watching on a whim when it started playing on Comedy Central. There are only three seasons and I completely loved them!

(7) The Graham Norton Show
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And last but not least, I have been loving the Graham Norton show throughout the year! Even if I don't like the guests on the show, there's always a funny story to be told and something interesting to learn. Plus, who could ever get tired of seeing members of the public being flipped off of the big red chair?

Favourite Song (1): Afraid Of Heights

This is a song by Tom Fletcher and everything about it is perfect. It's an amazing song, he sounds great on it, the music video is Christmassy and tear-inducing and just everything you want from a song like this. Definitely give it a listen! It should have been used for the John Lewis Christmas Advert!

(2): Dusk Till Dawn

This is a song by Zayn Malik and Sia and I've completely fallen in love with it. I don't know what it is, but something about the song just gets to me and I love it. Definitely listen to it!

Song Of The Year (1): La La Land Soundtrack
Image result for la la land soundtrack

Perfection. That's the only word that describes this soundtrack. Even if you haven't seen the film, or if you didn't like it, listen to these songs. They're genius!

(2) Losing Your Memory

This song is so beautiful. It's by Ryan Star and it is a song that I could listen to over and over and over again! Absolutely beautiful!

(3) A Drop In The Ocean

This is another sing that I have completely fallen in love with. Like the others, it is completely beautiful and you should definitely listen to it!

(4) Despacito

For some reason I haven't been able to include the song, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's been one of my favourite songs to listen to this year! You're probably sick of it by now, but I'm still loving it!

Favourite YouTuber (1): Giovanna Fletcher
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I have loved Gi's vlogmas videos! She's been rehearsing for her role in her husband Tom Fletcher's show 'The Christmasaurus' and it seems like it's going amazingly! Plus she has a podcast called 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' which is so nice to listen to, particularly her episode with Tom!

(2): Niomi Smart
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Other than Gi, Niomi is the only other person who's vlogmas videos I've been watching religiously because it's been so good! She's had a really interesting month and I'd love to see more vlogs from her during the next year!

YouTuber Of The Year (1): Daniel J Layton
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Dan's vlogs are just amazing, let's be honest. He's hilarious in his videos, on twitter, and everywhere else I see him. He's a firm favourite of mine and I can't wait to see how his channel, and his life, progresses in 2018!

(2): Hazel Hayes
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My daily filmmaking/badass woman/life inspiration is Hazel Hayes, so of course she had to be in this list. I talk about her on here all the time so there's not much more I can add, but I just think she's amazing and again, I can't wait to see what she does in 2018!

Favourite Game: Virtual Reality
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I've never been so excited and terrified by a game in equal measure, but that's what this does for me. I can't play any of the horror games because even the non-horror ones completely scare me!

Game Of The Year: Choices
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I am loving this game so much! It's a game that puts you in different scenarios and requires you to make different choices about the lives of your characters. It's free and definitely worth a download!

Favourite Actor: Kumail Nanjiani
Image result for Kumail nanjiani

As I said before, I am obsessed with Kumail right now. More specifically, I'm obsessed with watching interviews of him and his wife as they talk about their film 'The Big Sick'. I've also seen him in the movies 'Fist Fight' and 'The Late Bloomer' and he was great in both of them. I can't wait to see him in more stuff!

Actor Of The Year (1): Tom Holland
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Tom Holland has been one of my favourite people for this entire year, he's just so awesome. He's the new Spider-Man, and it's so interesting to learn about him as a person as well as the new version of the character that he plays. He's an amazing actor and just an all around great person. And he's got huge stuff coming up that I can't wait to see!

(2): Zendaya
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Zendaya wasn't really on my radar until she starred in the new Spider-Man film, opposite Tom. Watching interviews with her, her personality completely shines through and she seems like such an awesome person. She's also in the film 'The Greatest Showman' which came out on Boxing Day. I'm definitely going to see it, so you'll get a review when I do!

(3): TVD Cast
Image result for TVD cast

The cast of the Vampire Diaries are some of my favourite people in the entire world. With a particular shoutout to Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Candice King, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt and Kat Graham, they really made the show worth watching. And now that it's over, I can't wait to see what they all do next!

(4): Tessa Thompson
Image result for tessa thompson

I am in love with Tessa Thompson. She plays Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and she's exceptional in the role. I've now found myself wanting to watch everything she's ever done because I think that she's an amazing actress, and I can't wait to see what's next for her... maybe a solo Valkyrie film?

(5): Taika Waititi
Related image

My love for Taika Waititi just keeps growing and growing and growing to the point where I honestly don't think I could love him anymore than I do right now. He's an incredible filmmaker (my favourites of his being 'Thor: Ragnarok', 'Boy' and 'What We Do In The Shadows') and like everyone else, I can't wait to see what he does next because everything that he touches turns to gold. And also, one of the funniest people I've ever watched. Every interview with him is hilarious and I can only imagine how incredible that energy would be on a film set.

Favourite YouTube Video: In A Crowd Of Thousands

Carrie Hope Fletcher and Oliver Ormson did a cover of this song from the Anastasia musical and I listen to it on a daily basis because it's just amazing. The emotion that they put into words that aren't even theirs just proves why they're theatre superstars.

YouTube Video Of The Year (1): Manager Josh Explains The Boss Baby

There is nothing not funny about this video. It's been in a 'favourites' of mine before and I can't stop watching it because it's just everything you want in a video where someone explains a film that they haven't seen before. Watch the hilarity ensue!

(2): Tipsy Talk With Taika Waititi

TWO OF MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD IN ONE ROOM! Hazel Hayes has a segment on her channel called 'Tipsy Talk', and on that segment, she interviewed Taika Waititi! It was the most funny interview, they played off each other really well, and it just felt like two friends chatting about a movie that one of them just made. If you're interested in either of them, or filmmaking in general, this is a video for you!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading this extremely long post that I spent ages writing!

What have you been enjoying this year? Let me know in the comments!

Lou xx

Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!!


I don't have anything to say today, and I'm not gonna make you spend part of your Christmas day reading a huge post.

But I do want to say that Blogmas this year hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, it's been fun.

I haven't really been in a festive mood this year, and I'm still not - I guess that's just something that happens.

But the blogmas posts that I've read and the vlogmas videos that I've watched have been so festive that they've kind of rubbed off on me, so thanks for that!

And in general, whether you read one post of the whole of my Blogmas 2017, thanks for sticking with me, I really appreciate it.

So that's the end of Blogmas, but they'll still be posts up before the end of the year, so this is in no means a goodbye post.

I hope you have the happiest of Christmases.

Tell me what you're doing for your Christmas day in the comments! And if your Christmas has already finished, tell me how it went - I'd love to hear about it.

Lou xx

Sunday, 24 December 2017

A Bad Moms Christmas | Blogmas Day 24

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Happy Christmas Eve guys!

So as you can tell, today's review is 'A Bad Mom's Christmas'. It's the first time this Blogmas that I've reviewed a movie that is actually a Christmas movie!

Also, if you haven't seen the first Bad Mom's film, you might want to!

In the last movie, three mothers decided that they wanted to stop trying to be perfect. This time around, these mothers have decided to stop trying to have the perfect Christmas - as well as having to put up with their own mothers over the festive season.

I have a lot of feelings about this film. The first is that I understand why they did the sequel like this. Christmas movies may not make the most money, but there's always a market for them. So this was an easy sequel to make, because the fact that it's a Christmas movie kind of makes it sell itself.

The main selling point of this film was the comedy. And I have to admit, there were many things about the film that did make me laugh, a lot. However, there was also a lot of lazy humour that left the cinema silent. Either things were cliche and overdone, or they just tried to be funny when they really weren't. Either way, the humour didn't completely work.

The mothers in these films were great. They were all problematic for different reasons and their different characters were really interesting. However, the thing that annoyed me about the film is that, the mothers began the film very problematic. And by the end of the film, they were only a little bit less problematic. All of the problem solves were a completely temporary fix that you know would disintegrate as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

There were some things about the film that just didn't make any sense.

For example, when the 'bad moms' decided that they were going to take Christmas back, all they did was run around a mall causing problems for the workers, and then (spoiler alert) steal a Christmas tree from a shoe store. It all seemed very juvenile and didn't make any sense to me. It was fun to watch - but I don't even know any people my age who wouldn't face consequences for doing something like that, so should they get a free pass just because they're mums?

But despite my grievances, it is definitely fun to watch, and it definitely made me laugh, which I guess was it's intention. And I'd also watch another one if they made it, because I'm very interested in the lives of the 'bad moms'.

What do you think? Is this something you'd be interested in?

It's Christmas Eve!

Come back tomorrow for a Christmas day post!