The Small Blogger Appreciation Award!

I love finding a lot of small bloggers, in the sense of followers.

But it annoys me that a lot of the people that I read don't have a lot of people reading them.

I know that most people don't post for the followers, but everyone wants to have people reading. If we didn't want people to read our posts, we'd write a diary!

So I've created this award/tag to appreciate all of the small bloggers that I love to read, and seeing the smaller bloggers that you guys love to read too!

The rules
1) Answer all of the questions honestly
2) Link every blogger you mention
3) Try not to mention the same blogger more than twice (promote as many people as possible!)
4) Nominate/tag everyone you mention (and everyone else you like!)
5) At the end, give someone your 'small blogger appreciation award'!
6) You have to tag at least 5 people, but the more the better!
7) Let people know they've been tagged (or won your award) by commenting on their blogs

I'm so excited to start this off! Let me get on with it!


Who tagged/nominated you?
I created this, so I kind of nominated myself!

Pick one: Beauty, lifestyle or fashion!
Lifestyle for me, just because it's the most flexible!

Who is your blogging bestie?
I obviously have to go with Chloe, aka Professional Daydreamer!

Who is your favourite blogger with under 200 followers?
Right now, it has to be Eve!

Who deserves more followers?
Lauren, because she's a really talented artist and more people need to see her talent!

Link the best post you've read this week!
A post called 'Weight and your body' by Harel. It's amazing!

Who do you want to mention, just because you love them?
Izzy, because her blog is amazing!

Which blogger could you see being famous one day?
Definitely Eve (mentioned above) because she's really lovely and I think her blog is going to go really far!

Whose blog would you like to guest-post on?
I think Abi, because I love her blog so much and have followed it for so long!

Who was the first person you followed with under 500 followers?
Chloe (professional daydreamer) was the first person I followed (mentioned above)

Who was the last person  you followed with under 500 followers?
Esmee was the last person I followed.

Link the last post you read (not including this one!)
Abi's 'Pizza From Scratch' recipe!

Whose blog do you read daily?
Many people, but definitely Erin, because I love her blog so much!

Whose blog makes you the most happy?
So many bloggers make me really happy. But maybe Harel (mentioned above) because I just love the way she writes and her posts do make me happy!

If you could give 1 million followers to any blogger, who would it be?
Erin (mentioned above) without a doubt. She deserves them completely!

And lastly, who do you give your 'Small Blogger Appreciation Award to?
I've got to give it to Chloe! Her blog is amazing and I really want everyone to check it out (Professional daydreamer) right now!

I'm tagging/nominating
The Beau Bloggers
Literally anyone else who wants to read it! Comment the link and I'll read them all!

I linked everyone again so that it's easier to see who I've nominated/tagged.

Thank you so much for reading!

Comment below who your favourite 'small blogger' is!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning/ nominating me. I love this tag and I think its genius. Cant wait to give it a go myself. Well done xxx

  2. Aw thanks chum, you're more than welcome to do a guest post for me as I'm going away on holiday soon! Can be about any holiday/travel experience. Let me know on Twitter on back on my blog! Abi :)

    1. Thank you xx I'll definitely think about it! xx

  3. What a great idea for a blog good work :)

  4. Aww thank you for mentioning me, I will definitely be doing this over on my blog

    1. You're welcome! I'll check it out! xx

  5. I love this idea! And thank you so much, love <3 It made me really happy reading that and I'm super glad you feel happy when you read my blog :) x


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